About me

Hi, my name is Roland Denzel, and I'm a writer. 

I write fiction and non-fiction, but so far, only my non-fiction health, fitness, and nutrition work has made it onto Amazon. When I write about my fitness writing life, I like to point out that I was fat all my life, but now I'm not. 13 years obesity free and counting! I write to let others know that they can do it, too. Yes, even if you're a sedentary writer, reader, salesman, driver, gamer, or computer nerd right now!

As far as my fiction goes, I have big plans, so look for vampires, space ships, and some angsty love stories (not all in the same story) from me down the road. I also have the fantasy of writing a screenplay, in my case, a rom-com. Someday...

Whatever fiction I end up writing, it's going to have to have some angst or it's just not worth writing.

What's with the "little dog lost" thing?

This web site started off as my personal blog, which I called "little dog lost." In the early days of the internet, no one used their real names online, and "lost dog" was my chosen handle across the world wide web.

In many ways, I was lost when I started this blog, so you'll find stories about my life, my quest for the girl, angsty movies, getting the girl, heartachy music, and now (since I got her), keeping the girl.

Having landed the girl, I'm not so much lost anymore, but so far I'm letting the site title ride!

My fitness side

As far as fitness goes, I also write over at EatWellMoveWell.com, alongside my wife, Galina. We write about fitness, health, cooking, nutrition, posture, alignment, and more.

Galina (Galya for short) and I love to write, and we've published several books, like the one we wrote while falling in love, for instance; Man on Top. We followed that up with The Real Food Reset, and a few others. ...of course there are more on the way! You can see all of our books, here.

You can reach me at rdenzel@gmail.com, but I'm also on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

See you!


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