Friday, March 31, 2006

The Archeologist Of The Future

I know so little about Archeology and the people that study it. Study of the people of the past has always interested me, although I'm glad we have scientists to write up the Clif Notes version for us.

What will the archeologist in our future think of the crap they pull out of the ground. Did our ancestors bury dead toads in the anceint equivelent of the Altoids tin? Did they put the pet hamster in a shoe box and take it behind the garage to bury it?

Where are our pyramids? Where are the ancient landfills and pet cemetaries?

I've got nothing important to say here. No real conclusions to draw. Just wondering. We read about the ancient stone tablets and tools, buried in ancient dwellings, the only records of the past. We learn how our ancestors lived from what they left behind and threw away.

Today was trash day on my block. I threw out some spoiled, uneaten food. It was still in the wrapper from the store. Never even cooked. On top of that was a t-shirt with a hole in the armpit. Some drier lint. A bunch of empty supplement bottles AND the cardboard boxes that the bottles came in. Finally, some newspapers that I didn't read (it's cheaper to get Friday, Saturday, and Sunday than it is to get Sunday alone! (go figure!)).

What will the future make of us?

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