Monday, April 24, 2006

Too Busy To Blog

I keep forgetting that one reason I said I was going to blog was just as a way to vent, let off steam, etc. A journal. Sometimes inportant and sometimes not. Today's a "not."

I'm so busy I just feel overwhelmed.

  • Car broke down
  • Sold house
  • Packing house
  • Bought condo for kids (and wife)
  • This Saturday is "free dump" day. You can put all your crap on the curb and "they" will pick it all up for you. Score! This saves a ton of dumpster money, but it's sort of a chore just to sort it out, and stack it so it's ready to haul to the curb Friday night! Yikes!
  • 1 Coworker out on an early maternity leave. She feels guilty, but I'm glad Jeff and I are able to pick up the slack for her. So far, that's been easy! She's healthy, too. So that's good.
  • It's depressing to go through your stuff and divvy it up between me and my wife. Luckily, neither of us has our hearts set on particular things, but it's sad to think about.
  • It's depressing to go through your stuff to pack it up to go into storage, since I don't really have a plan for me, yet. I've realized just how little I need. This chair... This thermos...

There's more, I'm sure. My friends and family are having issues, too. Injury, school, work, you name it. In the grand scheme of things, I don't have it so bad, but it doesn't feel "not bad."

Let's look at the positives for a sec.

My kids are great! I had a great weekend with them.

My daugher approached me to apologize for spending so much time with her friends instead of me. That was nice, but I'm just glad she has fun and didn't mind all the time I spent cleaning the garage!

My son and I played a lot of badminton until I nailed him in the lip! He's okay and we yelled "Bad Minton!" at that stupid shuttlecock. He hung with me in the garage, while I listened to the fitcast ( He commented on the fowl language of this "radio station." Hmmm.... Apparently, "ass" was said. Not donkey related, either.

Finished up the weekend with a great phone call from Canada! Gotta like that (and I do!).

So, I guess I'm not too busy to blog, just to busy to really think about blogging. So, as I hit "Publish Post" and submit this, I'm thinking that I'm glad I took a moment to type this out, even though little thinking happened...

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  1. I can't imagine what you are going through at the moment , but my thoughts are with you. It must be very hard to pack up so much of your past, however it will hopefully help you to mave forward. You need to think about what you want and set some goals, then go for them. When I left my ex it was easy due to the life I had, I threw my clothes in a garbage bag and packed my kids stuff into a truck and loaded the dogs in beside my Dad. He left first I left second with my Mom and kids, no regrets no looking back. So I can't imagine having to say goodbye to a life that you had once loved.Your friends and family will be okay, right now you need to think about you and what you want from your life in the future. Good luck and keep your chin up Roland, it will become less painful with time.


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