Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Finding My Groove with Pandora

I've never had good luck finding music that I like. Every once in a while, I hear something that I like, buy the CD, and just like that one song. Sometimes, I luck out. But, by and large, I end up with a CD that only has one or two good songs.

Over on, Jakenshape introduced me to Pandora, a free internet radio station that creates custom radio "stations" for you, based on your guideance. What a great idea; building the station this way. Not only does it start off based on music that it thinks is similar in style to your initial song or artist, but it has you give the ol' thumbs up/thumbs down to songs, along the way. This way, you pretty quickly get to a channel that you love.

You can save multiple channels, too, so you can have channels for different moods.

I'm loving this!

Here's a sample. Not so manly, but here's a favorite of mine. Mellow music that I started with "Missy Higgins" and tuned from there. Missy Higgins Radio.

This one has less estrogen. Led Zeppelin

Or, create your own, using the box, below!


  1. Thankx for the link to Pandora - I haven't ever heard of it. I am very excited to happen upon it.


  2. Isn't it cool? It's fun to just think of a song and see where it goes from there.


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