Sunday, September 10, 2006

Overtalking & Overthinking

Kids all weekend. Brain fried. My son used to have a phrase for when an adult would talk and talk and talk about something to get the kid to understand. Overtalking. The kids have overtalked.

I actually got up early on a Sunday so I could sit and read and have coffee in silence. This is a highly recommended practice.

I'm on cup #2, and the only sound is the scuttling feet of the rats. This is very nice.

I'm a little fried because I know my week's going to be crazy at work. Tomorrow, I have to prepare for a presentation on Wednesday, but I only have a short window to meet with the team, as I have to hold three training classes tomorrow (7am, 10am, and 7pm). That's a long day, since that last class won't end until 9 o'clock.

Then, Tuesday's just as busy. Then Wednesday! I had the afternoon free to catch up, then gave in and booked it all up on Friday. I hate saying "no" just to cordon off time for stuff that can do any ol' time. But, I have to realize that this is a recipe for never getting those things done.

So, now, I'm overthinking. Spending my weekend planning my week in my head. What good will that do? None. Move along...

Back to today. At 11, we're off to an audition for the kids. Some Disney Channel casting person saw the kids at the Rancho Fair and asked them to come and audition for The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

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Tony with a recent catch

I'm hoping that one of them gets a big role, gets rich, buys a house and lets me live with them in it. I hope it has a pool.

Update: It went well. My son was all calm, leading up to it, then got nervous when the audition started. My daughter was nervous the whole time, then got all relaxed when the audition started.

It was fun. We'll see how this turns out.


  1. Good looking kids. I love the fish pic--it's like a monster for him, no?

    I'll have to ook for your kids on daughter loves that show, and I have to admit it's pretty funny.

    Early a.m. coffee is a blessing.

  2. Way cool!


  3. So far, nothing...

    They had the audition, then my daughter got called back, but then is stopped.

    She's taking a little acting class, but we're not planning any big moves to mansions or anything.


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