Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Big, Small, or Somewhere In Between - #1, Childbirth

or The Greatest Moments In My Life

I like to spend time recollecting. That's mostly a euphemism for zoning out, but sometimes good memories come back.

Really, I spend a lot of that time thinking about some of the great times I've had. There have been some really good ones, some great ones, and some nice little moments.

Childbirth Is Hard On Men, Too!

Yes, in #1, I go for the obvious. I give to you the birth of a child. In this case, my daughter Allie.

Yeah, yeah. So obvious, right? But, what you might not know is that somewhere along the line, I breathed (or not breathed) my way into passing out. That's my explanation, anyway...

Okay. I really have no recollection of the fainting, itself. I do remember the free orange juice (That's right! No charge, baby!) that I got as they slowly helped me to a semi-reclined position.

I remember that strange feeling of coming back through what looked like a tunnel, looking at the concerned and strangely smiling faces of some ladies that I didn't really know.

As I recovered, I realized what was going on and looked up to see my new daughter being carried over to her little table to be cleaned up.

They helped me into a pretty comfy lazy boy.

The nurse turned from my daughter to me and asked if I'd like to cut the cord.

I smiled and sipped my free OJ. "God no."


  1. Great story!

    With the cord-cutting, you should've gone for it. You probably would have ended up needing more free OJ. At the hospital, take whatever you can get!

  2. RL's dad spilled 1000 dimes all over the delivery room floor as he was putting on the scrubs...and then proceeded to try to collect them as his wife pushed out her first child. Funny funny stuff!

    Another funny anecdote is that during Jack's delivery the contractions were hard and fast and with pain like that i ALWAYS throw up. ALWAYS. Except I wasn't the only one...Michael was running to the bathroom...while I held my tray.

    Funny funny! Thanks for zoning out! :)

  3. A hundred dollars in dimes? High roller!

    You guys are speedy. Thanks for dropping by.

  4. My hubby didn't want to cut the cord either ... my OB joked that he was a "North of the Border guy". He didn't want to feel her head crowning either ... but he didn't pass out!! ;)

  5. Too funny.. Yeah it's hard for the Men too.

    Mr. was snoring next to me after our 24 hour labour ordeal. I was up all night feeling thirsty but could not wake up that poor soul lying next to me and ask for water. He was so tired and needed that sleep so bad..It was so hard for him.. HA HA.

    You MEN are funny!!



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