Sunday, April 1, 2007

Big, Small, or Somewhere In Between - #4, Fresh Meat

or The Greatest Moments In My Life

I like to spend time recollecting. That's mostly a euphemism for zoning out, but sometimes good memories come back.

Really, I spend a lot of that time thinking about some of the great times I've had. There have been some really good ones, some great ones, and some nice little moments.

Fresh Meat

As the JPFitness Summit approaches, I'm reminded me of my first trip to Arkansas, back in '89 or '90...

My friend and I had been driving all day and we needed to stop and stretch our legs. Maybe get some food and a beer. We pull off at a local little town and head to a little bar/restaurant that looks okay.

We go in and are greeted by a couple of homely women with friendly calls of "Hi boys!" Things like that. I head to the restroom, while my friend goes to a table. When I come out of the bathroom, I notice a small crowd around my friend and head over. It's pretty loud over there, and the look on his face is a cross between laughter and horror. Our eyes meet, which tells the crowd, which is all homely ladies, that I'm back. They turn, and with calls of "Fresh Meat! Fresh Meat!" head my way.

Suddenly, I'm surrounded by a herd of these women, frantically grabbing my crotch and ass, hooting and hollering "Fresh Meat! Fresh Meat!" Screeching, if you will.

Somehow, we get to the door, smiling and laughing our way to safety, back to back, all while we're being pressed, grabbed, and groped. "Fresh Meat! Fresh Meat!"

We break for the truck, but the women stay at the door, calling us back. However temping, we leave, not stopping until we are out of state.

Luckily, my last trip to Arkansas was slightly more pleasant, although equally memorable.

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  1. Yikes! If you hadn't made it outta there, it sounds as if it could have turned into a heterosexual version of "Deliverance."


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