Sunday, March 25, 2007

Drive Needed

I love to drive, which is good, considering the area I cover for work (Coastal Southern California).

But, I really want to drive somewhere good. LA to San Diego is fine, but I need a destination destination, you know?

Last year, about this time, it was Little Rock, Arkansas.

It was a beautiful drive to the JPFitness Summit '06, with an overnight stop in Albuquerque with my brother and his family.

I planned to do it again this year, too. Not to be. And, I'm very sad. People are coming in from all over the world. This might have been my only chance to meet some of them.

I hope to go next year. Planning on it. I'll just have to convince all these people coming from around the world to come again...

Back to me. It's all about me, after all. In May, I've got the 10k up in the mountains.

I'm really looking forward to that trip. So much so that I've even been running(4.5 miles,yesterday).

This might be it for a while. With a couple of short jaunts, here and there. My sister's place in Santa Barbara, maybe my brother's in Albuquerque.

Here. My list.
  • I can't wait to leave and get on that road.I miss the long roads with little traffic.
  • I absolutely love Rest Stops.
  • I love pulling into little towns, driving to the place where the non-travellers go, and spending a couple of hours with some lunch or a cup of coffee.
  • I love the idea of the "View Point" or "Picture Spot" along the highway, despite the fact that I can rarely see what I'm supposed to look at or for.
  • I love that, no matter where you go, people think it's funny to put a red sticker on the deer's nose on those signs. Where do you even get a red sticker?
  • I love that in other states, the signs still read "Slow Children."
  • When we're driving, there's really no place to pee behind a tree in Southern California.
  • No matter how lame the content is, finding an AM station in the boonies, is still satisfying.
  • I hate to leave my final stop, but I love to get home.

1 comment:

  1. We have a lot in common with the driving. Your list really resonated with me.

    Glad you get to feed the beast as part of your job!


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