Friday, April 6, 2007

Easter Weekend


I've got my kids for a long weekend. Four days, then back to work. It's been nice having them around. Next weekend, it'll be three weekends in a row.

Driving up to Santa Barbara tomorrow morning to spend the weekend at my Sister's place. This is my first attempt at actually spending time with my family again.

I even charged up the batteries for the camera so I can attempt a few snapshots. I'm not good with that stuff.


Work has been crazy. It's been hard to keep my head on straight. Everyday, I get pulled in so many different directions. Which customer do I leave in the lurch? Decisions, decisions?


No workout today. I won't be hitting the gym until Tuesday night, either. I can probably do with the break on the heavier weights. But, I really like to workout.

On Tuesday night, I'm planning to try the 300 workout again. I'll do the whole thing and see what time I end up with. I predict a poor showing. My biggest concern is the floor wipers. The last time I attempted them, I got cramps in my hamstrings when I went left.

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