Saturday, May 5, 2007

The Rime of the Ancient Dieter

Food, food, everwhere, nor any reasonably sized serving to eat. -- The Rime of the Ancient Dieter

So, I ran out of food while I was out. I pull into a supermarket, rather than hit a fast food place.

I'm currently eating things like meat, eggs, nuts, cheese, and vegetables. I cruise through the store and realize that despite being surrounded by food, there's very little that I can just buy and eat without throwing out the leftovers.

Supermarkets really have no single sized servings of anything healthy. I can get a couple of veggies to eat. But, what am I going to do with the extra cheese or lunch meat?

I head to the deli counter. The salads are crap, in a purely delicious but unhealthful manner, of course. I can get a single serving of meat or cheese there. Even some hardboiled eggs from the salad bar, but as I add it all up in my head, I realize that this is saving me nothing. And, it's not really as tasty as the bunless Double Cheeseburger and side Caesar that I passed up at Wendy's.

So I head out, spot an In 'N Out Burger and hork down on two cheeseburgers, protein style, extra tomatoes, pickles, and grilled onions and a huge ass Diet Coke.


  1. I get the cans of chicken breast (they come in little cans and big cans), and my grocery sells mozerella cheese in single stick packages. Veggies would be harder, but I bet you could pick up some baby carrots for not too expensive?

    Good luck!

  2. What, no soylent green? :D


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