Tuesday, June 26, 2007

If Your Seeing It, It's You're Responsibility To Help Me!

I've had a terrible problem, lately. It's the accidental swapping of "your" and "you're." It's become very frustrating to me.

Your probably not seeing it as often as I do, but believe me, it's a big point of frustration for me. Spellcheck doesn't catch it, unless your using a grammar checker, too.

When I actually write, I catch most of them. I hope. But, it's been pretty common to find the mistake when you take a look at you're email or instant messages. That's where this problem really rears it's ugly head.

So, please... Please. If you see me use the wrong "yore," point it out. Please help me.

Next time we'll discuss my subtle placement choices for my commas.


  1. "You're probably not seeing it....."

  2. "Your probably not seeing it as often as I do..."

  3. Your the man.

    Consider me enrolled in the "Help Roland with his spelling" support group.

  4. "you're email or instant messages."


  5. Have you consulted Tony on this?

  6. Thanks, guys. Your the best.

  7. Back in high school, in those days of your, I had an english teacher who'd slap my wrist for doin' that.

  8. can we fix its and it's too or just your, you're and yore?
    "...really rears it's ugly head..."

  9. Yes. Grammar is important. When I break it's rules, I want to know. ;)


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