Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Settled In

Me and them.

Things were absolutely crazy for a bit. With the ex and the kids suddenly back in town... But, we're into a rhythm now. They've got an apartment close by. Close enough so I can see the kids several times a week now. Plus, any weekends I want. Excellent!

I finally spent some time and did a major overhaul of the kids rooms. Old and too small clothes out and room for the new stuff. The place is clean and clutter-free, once again. Time to get back to fine tuning it to me.

Oh yeah. Did I mention that Jack (my kitten) has a buddy? The kids' cat (Mayo) is my cat, now. At least for the time being. Their apartment is a pet free zone. At least the cats get along, and strangely, Jack (fearless little guy) seems to be in charge.

Time to get some charity to come haul all the "extras" from the garage. Working out means pulling the car out. Not the end of the world, but if I can free up that other half, all the better.

Over the last few days, I picked up 120 lbs of plates and three db bars, clamps, and tape (for a fat bar handle). I should be snatching heavy out there in the next day or so. Just need some rubber matting to make a landing pad (burpees, knee tucks, and jumping rope are tough on concrete).

I'm back to cooking. Cooking a lot, too. Oso buco tonight, with plenty for lunch or dinner tomorrow. This weekend, I'm taking my last stab at cheesecakes (low sugar) and perfecting the one that was the best. I hope to have the recipe for Vanilla Bean Cheesecake up by Monday night. I need to perfect the sweetness, just a bit. Eating them all is a tough job. But, hey...

I need to find a farmer's market down here in South Orange County, too. I got spoiled by the great one in Torrance. Having good vegetables makes the low calorie weekdays much more pleasant. Veggies are good, good veggies are great. I'm not so into fruit, but if I can get a few good (read ripe, ripe, ripe) peaches, I'm going to be happy, come the weekend.

I've been a homebody, lately, with the exception of work and a few coffee house outings. But, tonight, I hit up the Gypsy Lounge down in Lake Forest. They had some great music! Really good stuff. And, the beer didn't hurt, either.


  1. holy crap, an update! Looks like you've been pretty busy! There's some serious jealousy going on here w\ the garage gym.

  2. Mmm... cheesecake...

    And I never would have figured you for the guy who has to pull his car out of the garage to work out.

  3. Nice! The home gym is shaping up nicely ... are you in the market for a squat cage? I hear that they can be had cheaply off craigslist ...

  4. Michael laughs at me for cleaning out closets...I'm glad I have a friend who can sympathize with piles of too-small clothes! :)

    Glad they're closer to you now!

  5. gobbla and Julie,

    It's the Infinite Intensity style gym. No bb, benches, or racks. Medball, jumprope, dbs, cinderblocks, sandbags, and of course, the weighted backpack...


    For my first month, the garage was empty, so I could workout next to the car, but I emptied the storage unit into that half. The day before the charity was to come to pick the stuff up, my ex called to say she was coming back down to the area, so I figured she should have first shot at the stuff. It's good stuff, but too much stuff.


    my kids just roll their eyes when I pull something out of a drawer for them to wear. It's inevitably too small. I just don't see it...

  6. It's good the kids are back close again. In split families it's good they get grequent face time with both parents. At least that's been my experience.

    You've been taunting us with the cheesecake recipe for some time now. I hope this time it's for real.


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