Saturday, November 10, 2007

Puppy < Snake

Tony, 9 years old, likes to take his pet snake for "a walk" down by the lake.

Today, Tony's fishing with me, his friend, and the friend's Dad, when he decides to go up and get the snake for a while. He brings down the snake and starts wandering around.

Tony's friend has zero interest in the snake after the first five minutes, but soon a group of 11 year old girls sees the snake and crowds around Tony. Tony lets them all touch the snake, gives them "snake lessons" or whatever, and after about five minutes, they move on. "Bye, Tony..." One comes back to touch the snake one more time.

Tony's friend watches the little group of girls walk away, head straight to his Dad, and says "Dad, I need a snake. BAD."


  1. Let's them touch the snake, gives snake lessons....niiiicccceeee!!!!

    (somebody had too)

  2. Hell, I think I need a snake too.

  3. I knew I could count on you two!

  4. Sheesh, and to think that for all this time, I've thought puppies were the trick.

  5. Oh Roland I think you need to start taking lessons from your son!! LOL cute story though.


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