Sunday, December 2, 2007

Wow, lookit the mom jeans!

Starbuck's. Sunday morning.

A mom with one of those little nose studs. On the right girl. Hot. This one, not so much. That she's a Mom is not the issue. Christmas sweater vest. In fleece. Mom jeans. In that no man's land blue.

A biker couple in outlandish biker gear. Didn't know Harley Davidson would make or stock stuff this fugly. I think her chaps might be polished! The fringe on his huge denim vest, over his perfectly shiny biker jacket, looks combed. And fluffed. Mom jeans. In that no man's land blue. On him.

An old lady with an eye patch. A fancy one, too. It's jeweled. This is strange on several levels. I had a dream last night that I had an eye patch (a standard one). Eye patches are also just plain rare. Jeweled eye patches are in the realm of a Pirates movie. She was wearing mom jeans. Same blue. Looked good on her.


  1. You wrote "fugly", one of my favorite words. Nicely done.

  2. What are Mom jeans?? I must have missed that class, but now I have a need to know.

  3. Thanks! I thought I had a link in there. Here's the gist on the Mom Jeans.

    Mom jeans

    And I added the link up in the blog, too.

  4. Wow they still make those??? Ya I guess they do. They are as bad as overalls!! The more I stop and watch people the more I relize so many out there are horrible dressers.

    I have a huge dislike for track pants. The reason is that people think they are ok for daily wear. There was a woman walking in front of me at the mall yesterday wearing really big track pants, they were holey, dingy and to top it off they had pant smears all over the butt and front of the legs. Yuk!

  5. Roland -

    Love the blog and posts on (I'm ZDrax). I was curious as to whether you wanted to swap blog links...


  6. Hey there Ryan. I'm on JP's alright, but is there someone posing as me on BR? The bastard! ;) I've lurked but never posted. There must be another Roland out there, somewhere.



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