Friday, February 15, 2008


It's a holiday, today for the kids. I don't get which one it is. Some schools were off last Monday, all seem to be off this Monday, too.

One entertaining thing about living here at the lake, is that you get to see people exercise. For the most part, it's really bad.

There's a group of women who stretches and warms up, then starts walking. Yes, walking. Their warmup seems more intense than the workout. Who the hell warms up to walk, anyway?

There's a very entertaining group of moms who bootcamp around the lake with their strollers. As funny as it looks, it's not all that bad. They lunge and do pushups, and their leader has a bunch of bands with her. They sweat, too.

These women are really the highlight. Most people "power walk," jog, or run. Endlessly. I've seen one guy dramatically change his appearance over the past four months. The rest remain the same.

It's extremely windy today. Enough wind to make the lake water lap over the "shore." Poor ducks aren't getting their bread rations, either.

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