Sunday, February 17, 2008

My "Favorite" Scary Movies

I'm not a big scary movie guy. I watched them as a kid, which causes all sorts of issues... Then, as an adult, it took being dragged along. Only a girl could do that. I just told me friends "no."

I thought I'd have trouble coming up with ten of them that I'd actually seen all the way through, but I got it covered, barely. Turns out of seen more than I thought, but no where near as many as you. So, that means that this list is useless to YOU, unless you want a glimpse into my scaredy cat side.

The Other -- An "evil twin" story. Soooo creepy. My parents told me to go to bed, but instead, I watched this while hidden behind the plants and a sofa. It was horrible. I couldn't sleep after that. I would like to watch this one again, like poking a bruise, perhaps.

Alien -- As a chicken shit at 13, I actually left the theater. It wasn't the blood, it was the suspense. I just couldn't take it. Since then, I've seen it a dozen times.

Silence of the Lambs -- "It puts the lotion on it's skin, or else it gets the hose again."

I love this movie. Everyone does. But, the sequels go to far.

The Sixth Sense -- I don't think I've ever been more riveted by a movie. And, the end totally surprised me. I didn't see it coming. Brilliant.

The Omen -- I only saw the first one because a chick invited me to some "old movie" at a local theater. I ended up liking it, but it was horrible for me. I'd see the remake if I was invited.

The Haunting (of Hill House), 1963 version -- I loved this movie. I saw it when I was home sick from school. On TV, then called it The Haunting of Hill House. It must have been heavily edited, but it was still scary. Very well done with no gore. I'm sure the remake took care of that. I'd like to see this one, again.

The Amityville Horror -- I don't know if it's considered good or not. I was ruined for a week, though.

Jaws -- Still scary enough to watch every time I see it on tv. A really good movie, not just a good scary movie.

Poltergeist -- I thought this one was fun. I'm not a connoisseur, by any means. Looking back, I'm sure it was lame, but I was a kid and saw it with a group of kids from the block.

Carrie -- I've seen this one many times. I remember watching it at home with the flu.

Nightmare on Elm Street -- I remember almost nothing about this flick. I was tricked into seeing it. I worked at Farrell's Ice Cream Parlour, next the the theater. We traded food for flicks, so after hours (theirs and ours), we'd often drag food and ice cream over there for a free movies and popcorn. They almost always chose the scary movies, and I would pass. Anyhow, a girl that I worked with lied and told me it was a drama so I'd go with her.

That's all I've got. I'm sure I've seen more, but it doesn't feel like it. There are so many movies that I know about, that I almost had to question if I'd seen them. The Shining, for example. Never seen it, but I feel like I have. I've seen a lot of Stephen King movies, but they weren't scary in the same way as some of these. I think The Shining would be different, but I'm not sure I'm ready to try.

BTW, my next list is "Movies with Honor."


  1. OMG the grudge 2 creeped me out big time. Not a good one to see alone! The first one wasn't so bad (could be because buffy was in it and hey she kills vampires sooo..)BUT the second yikes. I love horror films. The Saw movies would put you in fits I think. They are pretty ouchy. Good list, I am impressed!

  2. Nicely done. Two posts in two days? You've got me all verklempt.

    I'm with you on Sixth Sense -- Jamie and I saw it in the theater and loved it. The ending floored us too.

    I don't watch many scary movies myself, but two good ones from the past year's DVD viewings were The Descent and 28 Days Later. Genuinely good movies. For when you get an invite.

    Looking forward to movies with bonor. Honor.

  3. The Shining was great ... scary as heck to a 14 year old girl home alone while watching it, but great. I'm not a scary movie person, but I have seen most of those!! (nightmares for weeks!)

  4. Good list, if you don't remember much of Nightmare on Elm Street you should watch it again. That's my number one favorite scary movie of all time


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