Friday, April 4, 2008

porcupines and weedy pools

I've always wanted to read the Bible. But, like many of the "the classics," it's really boring. On top of boring, it's hard to read. So, I basically just gave up.

I figured a Bible study group would be a good start, but the image isn't appealing to me. The ones I'd seen are soooo serious. I'm sure there's a "market" for something like a Comedy Bible Study, right? Like comedy traffic school? They could also serve snacks.

Fast forward to Starbuck's one Saturday. I'm hanging there and writing some recipes down. I have the Times open to the food section and I'm making some notes on my PC. A nice lady sitting next to me starts chatting me up about cooking. 30 minutes later, we're still chatting about food and she's got friends showing up. Turns out they're meeting for a Bible study and I'm invited. What the hell...

Fast forward even more, and I've got a weekly Bible study going with one of her Brothers. That's the term that they use for the guys.

Quasi-funny little aside -- I'd met with him (the Brother) two or three times, and he'd always say things like "One of my brothers is meetings us here." While he is black, I thought that he didn't seem the type to refer to himself as a "brother." And, the other Brothers were always something of a variety pack; never black. Once I'd met these other Brothers, and they did the same thing, I caught on. I'm not always quick on these things.

Anyhow, while it's not exactly Comedy Bible Study, I do bring the funny with me. I try, anyway. At first, they seemed amazed that I would joke about such things, but now, they joke right back. And, we "study" in Starbuck's, so the snacks are handled, too.

I'm still not sure what I'm learning about the Bible. Nothing really new yet, but it's coming around in new contexts, so I think I could end up with a net gain in the end. A surprise ending?

Last week we got into a discussion about funnies in the Bible. They say there aren't many. The best they could come up with was this: In a later book of The Book, someone is telling us not to do something and wants to refer back to an earlier dude's writing. But, he neither remembers the quote OR who said it. So, he basically says (and I'm paraphrasing a paraphrase of the Bible's paraphrase, in this long string of ironies) "You should not do X because someone a few books back said not to do something like that. Just don't do it." That's like putting yada-yada-yada or blah, blah, blah in the Bible. That is kinda funny.

Every once in a while, we (I) come up with something funny as we read. Usually it's the translation to modern terms or concepts that's the hoot. When was the last time you called Pest Control to take care of an infestation of porcupines? Yet that's the horror that befell Babylon after the crap they pulled. Of course, the city was invaded first, but afterward it was doomed to an infestation of porcupines and weedy pools. Of course no one moved back in...


  1. I don't know why someone would read this blog post twice, but just in case...

    Yes, I did change it. I had to remove some words that were generating unsolicited comments about a particular religious group. I think they must pop up in a search engine and generate the "attack order." The comments were obviously automated or pasted from somewhere. I don't wish to keep seeing that stuff.

    The point of my post was not to discuss a particular religion (other than Christianity itself, I suppose).

    I don't really think I should have to censor own blog, but I'm also lazy, and don't want to turn on comment moderation. :D

  2. Whether or not the bible itself is comical, you gotta admit that the followers of it are hilarious!

    My interest in reading the bible is driven mostly by my upbringing, I'm sure. If I hadn't grown up reading it, I may not have started later either.

    Later, brother.

  3. Oh, and you've definitely got my wheels spinning with the idea of a funny bible class. Mixing comedy and spiritual lessons? Two of my favorite things, coming together...

    I fear it would be like George Costanza's food/sex combo that ended in disappointment and mayonnaise stains. But it's worth a shot, and I've never seen anyone at church even try it! The bible class, that is.

  4. Ah yes. George Costanza's trifecta.

    "I flew too close to the sun on wings of pastrami..."

    I'm sure you'll do better!

  5. On that note, have you ever seen any of the "Mr. Deity" series? The first 10 episodes are on YouTube, and the second season is on

    Really hilarious stuff, but it's more at the expense of bible stuff rather than teaching bible stuff. Still funny though.

  6. I forgot -- Season 2 of Mr. Deity is also on iTunes for free download.

    All your comments are belong to me.

  7. I'll check that show out.

    You know what you doing
    For great justice


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