Thursday, July 31, 2008

Don't move more, stand more

If you don't have time to move more, stand more.  That's my new motto. 

Cuz I was thinking, you know how people say to park out in the outback of the parking lot, take the stairs, etc.?  Crap.  Total crap.  Check my math.  I don't have a Bodybugg, but the people using them say standing is twice the calories of sitting or sleeping.  So, I drive to the gym and park a 30 second longer walk than normal.  Big whoop.  Let's say 1 calorie per minute sitting on my rear.  2 standing.  4 walking?  So, 30 seconds extra walking vs sitting is 1.5 extra calories going into the gym and 1.5 extra coming out.  Sweet.  I'm thinner already. 

Elevator vs stairs is slightly more impressive, since you burn about 5 extra calories per minute.  Maybe.  How many minutes up are you going?

But, that's all work, walking and climbing stairs.  Standing isn't really work.  It's not going to make you sweat while you work.  You can do a webinar standing up as well as sitting down.  But, going up the stairs is going to have you huffing and puffing on your conference call, leaving the boss man wondering what's up. 

Get a stand up desk, use the kitchen counter, shower instead of taking a bubble bath, pee standing up, etc.  Don't move more, stand more.


  1. Who knew that it was as simple as that? ROFL! Love the blog!

  2. After the kids were born I found myself sitting to pee, just because I didn't want the noise of the stream hitting the water to wake them from their delicate slumber. Other dads have mentioned to me that they did the same thing.

    I'm standing up again now. And I'm leaner. You're onto something!

  3. Perfect!

    I have a computer on the counter in the kitchen (my awesome boyfriend put it there to assist in cooking lookups).... I should be standing over there while I read JPFitness every evening!


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