Monday, August 11, 2008

Put Down the Bad Donut!

I ate an old fashioned donut today.  It was calling to me for an hour.  I calculated the calories and figured I'd fit it in.  The problem is that it was not very good and I ate it anyway.

I have this problem a lot.  It's not that the donut was bad, it just wasn't glazed.  Therefore, it just wasn't worth 200+ calories of my mere 1801 calories allowed today.  Why didn't I toss it?  Because it was sort of good.

I didn't even pay for the thing, so it's not the "wasting money" thing.  Besides, I'm a firm believer in leaving Disneyland if you're not having fun, having got your money's worth or not.  Staying and playing in misery doesn't make the spent money return, so cut your losses.

Food is another story.  Lack of willpower is the deal.  But, how to overcome this lack?  Ideas?  Success stories?  

Oh...  Why do plain old fashioned donuts even exist.  It's glazed or nothing, baby!


  1. I'll be interested to see what tricks others may have for dealing with this... I struggle with the same thing, and it totally pisses me off. Telling myself it isn't worth it just doesn't always work for whatever reason... you'd think it would after almost 2 years of working on it, but no.

  2. I think you already have the answer since you are tracking your intake and didn't go over for the day. It shouldn't stop your progress, but you'll think twice that next time a mediocre doughnut crosses your path. It wasn't worth the calories.

    If I ban any foods from my diet, I'm tempted like Eve with the apple. But using the all things in moderation approach, it's much easier to say no, not now. With being consistent and moderate, I've stayed on wagon for 5 years in maintenance without feeling obsessive or deprived.

    It's not so much willpower but knowing when to be strict on your diet and where you can slack. Even when you are cutting, leave some wiggle room in your plan everyday. When you spontaneously eat something junky, you'll still be on plan and guilt free.


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