Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Mag (and a blog) for a good cause

Spezzatino is a magazine created to raise money for the Healthy Food Bank. 
The proceeds from the magazine go to the Healthy Food Bank, a nonprofit organization that purchases basic nutritious food for local food banks around North America.
The quality of this magazine is awesome, although it is electronic, which is a potential downside to many.  For one, you can't leave it lying around to demonstrate your $5.99 worth of philanthropy.  ;)

Go to the site, sign up for the newsletter and gain access to the sample copy.  It's beautifully made and more than just a cooking mag.  For those that are interested in the backstory behind wonderful food, it's a fun time.

Checkout their blog, too.  Spezzatino blog

For those fitness and nutrition veterans, you might recognize a lot of Precision Nutrition names in the mag and blog.  These people know stuff.

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