Thursday, October 9, 2008

My Pit Stain Experiment that you probably don't care about

I have at least 10 white shirts with yellow pit stains.  The shirts, overall, are still really, really white, but those yellow armpits haunt me. Imagine the horror of being in an accident and the EMPs and Doctors seeing the yellow!  Mortified!

Although undershirts are almost disposable, it still bugs me.  But, I have some favorite t-shirts that are expensive and touchably soft (yeah, you know what I mean...).  I feel like I've worn them twice and they are already showing the signs. 

Yes, mock me for buying a $30 white t-shirt that, from a distance, looks just like a 3-pack tee.  $30 for a shirt that is one wayward bite away from a permanent salsa stain.  Yet, I considered that, weighed the subtle beauty and über softness against the chance of a dribble, and still splurged.  ...and almost don't regret it.  I didn't regret it at all until I pulled it out of the dryer last week and say the signs.  It has begun.  Sigh.

Again, sigh.  This one's still wearable.  But, I can't keep this up.  I won't.  Time to have a plan for long term white shirt wearing.

I did some research.  It's the antiperspirant.  I can't and won't give that up.  More research (I googled and it was the second hit) led to a new theory.  The dryer heat, combined with some antiperspirant chemical, is bringing out the yellow.  This is interesting.  If true, it will be annoying, but ultimately workable.  Line drying?

So, I bought new shirts and have begun not drying them.  One washing.  So far, so good!

Someday, I'll be back to post the update.  If anyone cares... 

Tip --  Oh, here's a tip for those of you who wear undershirts on a regular basis.  If they show at the collar (typical of the business casual look), you need to KNOW that the shirts are still white.  Not off white...  They must be white white.

First, the next time you buy undershirts, take one and never wear it.  Put it away somewhere. 

Second, compare all your older shirts to your new super white shirts.  It's probably shocking how off white they are, isn't it? 

Figure out how many shirts you need in rotation (I need about 10+) and make sure you have that many that are actually still white enough to look good.  Use the new shirts as a reference and toss the others into the rag pile.

Periodically, pull out that pristine shirt that you've squirrelled away for safe keeping and compare your whites.  Too many too bad?  Time to buy a few new ones and toss the worst.

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  1. I am dying to know if your experiament works. The trouble I have with line drying is how hard it is to get out wrinkles. Sometimes the iron can't even get out wrinkles in some materials. -Erika


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