Saturday, December 6, 2008

Brown Butter Cookie Company

Brown Butter Cookie Company

My friends Traci and Christa make wonderful cookies. Browned butter and topped with sea salt? Amazing.

These would be perfect as a little gift for the host and hostess of the next Christmas party. Your hosts already have plenty of wine...

And if you're rich and having a party, go for a big box. Serve these at the end of the night instead of searching my blog for a good cheesecake recipe. My cheesecake's are for two. ...and they're too much work for such a big event.

Allie's been up there to bake with them (they are Auntie Traci and Christa to her), even making some of these actual brown butter cookies.

Allie can't say enough about how great these cookies are; how much love and effort goes into each step and into each cookie. Her eyes glazed when she talked about the smell of browning the butter, and when I asked about the salt on top, she sighed. My daughter is wise with food...


  1. I don't dip, but I'm told they are good for dipping. Dip away.


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