Sunday, April 12, 2009

It actually IS cold in Starbucks

I got tired of thinking it's just me, so I brought a thermometer with me.  66 degrees and cold air blowing right down on top of you equals "yes, it's cold."

If you check around the internet, you'll see the conspiracy theorists say that the colder temp of a Starbucks is designed to make you buy and drink more coffee, but that seems smart, well planned, and complicated to keep up without employees spilling the beans (haha).

I'm sure it's bad A/C and thermostat placement, combined with the recent addition of the blast furnace sandwich ovens that are positioned pretty near to the HVAC controls.

I'll admit that I'm probably more susceptible to cold than many people, being fairly lean and having a shaved head, but when my hairier friends head to the car to get jackets and stare menacingly at the vents blowing air imported directly from the North Pole, I'm inclined to believe that it's not just me.

The good news is that Peet's coffee is nearby and not cold.  They have free wifi and their coffee is often better, too.

The bad news is that Peet's is a little more expensive and their desserts are better.  I'm taking the chance and risking the good desserts so I don't have to wear three layers of clothes and a beanie, just to keep computing, like I am right now (in Starbucks, actually considering how much more comfortable I'd be if I also had a pair of gloves and a scarf to keep the FUCKING cold draft out).

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  1. Heh. Don't forget, colder temperatures could activate your brown adipose tissue and help you to lose bodyfat. :-)


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