Sunday, April 26, 2009

When not even my backlog (backblog?) can save me...

I've got like a million blogs ready to go in my "drafts," or so I thought.  Hmm...  none are ready for the public eye.  Note to self, next time I have a three a week, spurt, go for one a week on the "publish" button.

Pandora is great for when you hear a new band, song, or artist.  Plug it in to a new station and fine tune from there and see where it takes you.  It doesn't let you listen to specific songs, though.  You have to rely on it's algorithms and thumb ups/downs to take you where you want to go.

I'm sure there's a better way (place?), but is good for seeing the relationships between songs, bands, artists.  The six degrees of separation/Kevin Bacon things.  I still haven't seen that movie...  I like bacon.

Here's a fun (for me) find.

The Move, a precursor to ELO. Here's Wild Tiger Woman.  Sweet clothes.

It's a little reminiscent of some "Flight of the Concords," but these guys at The Move guys are serious.

Here's some ELO, although the song is brought forward from The Move.  Do Ya is the name.  ...and there's some serious cowbell!

No video, but I didn't care for the live versions.

Here's the Traveling Wilbury's. A lighthearted and fun group (again, I think ELO was trying for serious, despite Do Ya) with an amazing lineup, including Jeff Lynn from ELO/The Move.

Handle Me With Care

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  1. Handle with Care is on my all time favorites list. Attribute it to my one white hair.


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