Wednesday, September 23, 2009

...and THIS is what I have to say?

I have so many unwritten blog posts, but no time to write them.  Instead, they linger and fester as drafts, either taking the time they need to be good, or losing their relevance and timeliness.   The worst case, I forget what my brilliant idea was and end up deleting it.  The flip side of that is that maybe it wasn't brilliant at all, like Jerry Seinfeld's brilliant joke idea that he wrote down in the middle of the night, only to find it unfunny when he finally finds the scrap of paper.  So good riddance!

...and THIS is what I have to say?

It seems like every LA radio station is playing Duran Duran a lot.  There must be something going on with the band or something.  I don't have it in me to investigate, so...

The bottom line for me?  I loved them in the 80s, and the songs are still great.  If only they would get remastered without the little 80s synthesizer noises.  The songs would not only be awesome, but they also wouldn't make me turn the volume down when I come up to a stop light with my window down.  Stupid 80s synth sounds!

Rio.  Music only, below.  Video, here.

Girls on Film

It's hard to find versions of the songs that haven't had embedding disabled. Here's a "Hungry Like the Wolf," though. If you want to see the actual video, click over to here.

They are obviously wedded to those sounds, based on this more recent performance.

Those 80s clothes are amazing.

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