Saturday, November 21, 2009

Weekend Observations and Randomness

A new weekend, so I'm in a positive mood today.  However, there are a couple of WFT moments that I want to bring up without wasting too much mental energy.

#1 --  If you work at a fast food place and your job is to refill the napkin holder, why don't you know that the stack has to go in a particular way?  It has to leave the open end exposed so that we can grab a loose edge to pull one (and just one) out?  The same thing with the paper towel dispenser.  I know you're annoyed that people are so rude as to leave huge piles of "unused" napkins and paper towels near the dispenser, but realize that it's all you, not us.  If there's nothing to grab, we have no choice but to dig out a huge wad.  Maybe you need a mentor.

#2 -- I've always loved Shakira, but why won't someone tell her that her dancing isn't sexy.  Robotic, yes.  Sexy, no.  At least not to me.  Sexy to robots, I have no comment.

#3 -- Before I picked up the kids yesterday, I had to submit some electronic "paperwork," so I stopped by Starbucks.  I've avoided this one for a long time because it's always too cold in there, but there it was.  I wrote a letter to corporate a year and a half ago, so I was sure it was fixed.  Nope.

It's 62 degrees outside, and I go in and find it colder than outside.  62 degrees outside and I had to work at the table outside!  62 isn't COLD, but you don't sit down and work at 62 degrees, much less at whatever temp it was inside.  The air was gently blowing in there, providing a nice cool breeze for my shaven head, too.
  • At least 5 customers came in and left without a purchase.  Including people with computers, who just gave up.  Some said things like "I forgot it's always cold here."
  • Most customers were seen clutching their arms to their chests as they waited for their drinks.
  • Every customer commented on the cold.   
  • Fun responses from the "associates." were "We can't control it," "It's controlled from somewhere else," "It's controlled from corporate," "We can only turn it off and on, but then it gets warm back here in a while," ...and, in answer to the question of whether it's been reported to corporate, "I haven't, everyone knows it's cold."  That's like an alarm going off on your street and ignoring it.  "It's a Neighborhood Watch, someone will cal."
Think of how much money they are wasting on AC.  A year and a half of non-stop cooling to ridiculously low temperatures.

Shivering, I forwarded my letter of a year and a half ago back to "management" with some new comments added.

#4 -- Shakira also sounds a little like Elmo, so her appeal as a performer is better than the sum of her parts.  It's a bit nebulous.


  1. I remember a few years ago when I saw an outake of a Shakira interview where she did something amazing with her legs. You can probably search "Shakira flexible" on YouTube and see it (safe for work). She's alright with me.

  2. And this is exactly why SBX keeps it cold for guys like you. More tips, the next time I go ;)

  3. I have to agree with Roland. She doesn't do a thing for me, personally. :^D


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