Saturday, February 13, 2010

Choose Your Own [Emotional Eating] Adventure

Remember those books? Choose Your Own Adventure? Keep trying until you like the outcome, right?

At times, most of us have those feelings that make us want to run for the cookies for comfort. It won't work, and then you're battling the emotion of guilt, too.

Instead of giving in to that particular emotion and it's corresponding craving, look back and find a positive emotional experience. Is there something in that one you can use to derail this feeling? Or at least change the subject from ice cream to something less harmful? Go play with your dog, jump on the bed, or take a walk. At night, plop in a happy or mindless flick, take a shower, or simply go to bed.

So, I got sad and decided to take a walk instead of eat crap. Outside, I remembered my weekly (um, daily?) journeys that ended up 7-11 when I was a kid.  My brothers and I would load up on candy, chips, and Slurpees, hang out, and take the long way home.

Instead of all that stuff, I grabbed a Crystal Light Slurpee and took the long way home. Things were better. I like this ending.


  1. So sorry you were sad!!! Here's a big {{{HUG}}}} from Houston.

  2. You know, Roland, I'm discovering this very same thing in my own life. Now that I'm losing weight, I feel much more empowered to make good food decisions. The other day, I had a craving for chocolate, and I was able to think "it is because I am upset about ----- and the chocolate won't help that, so take a deep breath and it will pass." And you know what? It did. Each right decision that you make strengthens your resolve to make more right decisions. At least for me.


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