Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It's freezing in Starbucks #2

I'm almost ready to start a service, where I track Starbucks locations that are colder than shit.  I've written letters, and still nothing is getting better.

Today, I was actually in two Starbucks locations.  A nice warm and toasty one in Duarte, where I was so very comfortable (where I also picked up a nice selection of treats and drinks for my client meeting).

...and then there's this one here:  The cold one.  For those of you who left your jackets at home (as it's Spring in So Cal), don't come here.  It's in Santa Monica (2461 Santa Monica Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90404).  It's freezing, and people are going out to their cars to get jackets, what I'm about to do after I hit "submit."

I did ask them to make it warmer, and they say the thermostat is broken, which leaves them the choices of off (too hot) or on (too cold).  "They've made their choice," he types with shivering fingers.

Before you think I'm just a complainer and not cutting them slack on a broken system, I'll share that I was here last Tuesday and it was equally cold and broken. The crew that day were happy to turn it off for a while and let us all warm up.

It's more than just a broken A/C, it's a problem systemic with Starbucks in Southern California.  I don't know about anywhere else.

What does this mean to Starbucks?  I'm no businessman, but at the very least:
  • Lost sales - people come in and turn right around and leave (Yes, it's THAT cold)
  • Lost sales - people don't come back
  • Lost $ - A/C costs money, and keeping it 65-68 degrees and constantly blowing isn't free

What does this mean to the world?  I'm not an environmentalist, but at the very least:
  • Energy Wasted - A/C uses electricity
  • Wasted Fuel - Electricity uses fuel 
  • Pollution - Fuel burnt causes pollution of one sort or another
  • I'm sure there's more, like we're killing little animals in rainforests that soon won't exist, etc.


  1. I'm in Starbucks right now. it's cold in here. i always bring a little "jacket" with me. I am thinking of upgrading it to slightly bigger jacket.


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