Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It's freezing in Starbucks #3

1.  It's cold in here.  Where am I?  That's right, I'm in Starbucks!  I just got my jacket from the car, as did several other guys here.

2.  I have fond memories of New Orleans and the Cafe du Monde.  Enough to actually buy Some New Orleans Coffee at TJ's.
WTF is chicory, anyway?
It's actually really good.  Black or with a good amount of steamed milk as a cafe au lait.

4.  Just because this is "It's freezing in Starbucks #3" doesn't mean it's the 3rd time it's been freezing.  I can honestly say that it's been DOZENS of times where it's been too cold to actually work without a jacket.

5.  Speaking of dozens of something.  I have DOZENS of draft blogs.  I have to stop adding them in when I get an idea.  The list has become unmanageable.  Many can only be finished if I put in the time to write it like it's an article.  Like that's going to happen anytime soon...

6.  (It's a little warmer in here, now.  They flipped off the A/C, which makes them sweat in the back room.  What can you do?  YOU CAN FIX IT, IS WHAT YOU CAN DO!)

7.  Too many processed carbs ARE the culprit.

1 comment:

  1. Dozens of draft blogs? Dude, if you're not gonna finish them maybe you should just delete them. Or dump all the titles in a document and save that separately. Baggage will pull you down!

    And #7 got a laugh out of me.


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