Monday, November 29, 2010

Ciao Bella Coconut Sorbet Review

OMG good.

At least if you like coconut!

It's a little icy, and a little sweeter than it needs to be.

Shredded coconut and tons of coconut flavor.

Lots of good fat -- coconut fat is mostly medium chain fatty acids (MCTs), which are very healthy and actually help to improve cholesterol levels.

I'm not saying it's a health food, just that it's a lesser of many evils.

I got it at Target. Other Ciao Bella sources don't have seem to carry it.

Sure, it has sugar, but all the other desserts do, too. At least this has a healthy dose of coconut...

190 calories per serving. 9g of delicious and healthy coconut fat. It does have 28g of carbs, all of it sugar, so keep that in mind. Oh, and there are four servings per container, so watch it and share it.

They have many other flavors... blood orange, mango-mango, and even blackberry cabernet (which I liked).

Ciao Bella has lots of fans. See?

I don't know what this means, but it's cute

Enjoy dessert responsibly.

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