Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A foodie magazine for a great cause


spezzatino [spe - tsa - ti' - no] noun, ITALIAN.
1. Pietanza di carne tagliata in piccoli pezzi.
2. A stew prepared with various meats cut into small pieces.
3. A magazine that brings together informative and entertaining bits of food science, nutrition and gourmet cooking in one delicious serving — all for a great cause.

Spezzatino is the food magazine that really feeds people

As their slogan goes, "Spezzatino is the food magazine that really feeds people," and I'm proud to play a small part as more than just a subscriber. This month's issue is all about rice, and as you may recall, I've had some personal recipe success in the wild rice arena.

But it's not just about me. My best friend and writing partner is also found in this issue of Spezzatino; Galya (aka Galina Talkington) makes her debut appearance this month

Galya interviewed renowned Master Baker Danny Klecko about keeping the art of baking alive, feeding the community, and how his loaf of Wild Rice Sourdough may have ended the Cold War!

In addition, you will find that I have a little bit to say about wild rice, and wild rice tamales, once again. If you'd like to check out the recipe, you can download a PDF of it right here -- Spezzatino Wild Rice Tamales.

How can you help? Subscribe AND give Spezzatino as a gift to your foodie friends. Not only will they get a great gift, but also be happy knowing that their gift is helping those in need.

I highly encourage you to subscribe to Spezzatino. My little part is nothing compared to what you will find in each issue... One look at some of the people involved should convince you! John Berardi, of Precision Nutrition and author The Metabolism Advantage, one of my favorite fitness books. Krista Scott-Dixon - an inspiration to women (and men) everywhere - of the absolutely amazing stumpuous.com.

The lists of contributers and supporters is long and distinguished, but seeing and reading the magazine will convince you. Spezzatino is providing you their inaugural issue as a free sample to show you what they are all about. Please, try it and enjoy it. It's beautiful, educational, and very entertaining. ...and afterward, please go back and subscribe.

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