Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The saddest song EVER -- Leaving on a jet plane

Over at JPFitness, there's a discussion of the depressing songs EVER. JPFitness -- The most depressing song ever.  There are songs on the list that I love, and songs that I don't. I love this song, even though it makes me sad. This song has a direct line to my heart, and produces the same feeling that modern day air travel security restrictions do regarding goodbyes.

The days of saying goodbye at the gate are long gone; it's not longer safe to allow so much sadness so near the gate. Now, people say goodbye at the conga line of security.

You know that feeling? The one where each party needs to decide what to do for themselves after that final touch goodbye? Do I continue to look back for her as I inch closer to the x-ray machine and pat down station? Do I leave now and head to the car? How long do I stay at the airport? Is my parking edging into the next 30 minutes and another $5?

I don't even live close to the airport, but the last time I secretly waited until she was through security to go home and I was still at my house before her plane was even scheduled to take off. It seemed wrong to go home, and wrong to be in the house.  ...and if someone at home had asked if she got off okay, I would have broken down, knowing that she was probably still finding her seat on the plane!

You know that feeling?

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