Monday, March 21, 2011

it's never long enough

It's been a whirlwind week, full of fun, family, friends, love, wedding, and marriage. Somewhere, there are a million thoughts I want to put down, a million feelings I want to share, and a million pictures yet to be found.

One day. One day... well one day will never fully happen, because this life gives us so much new joy each day that taking the time to list it all can never allow us to catch up. That's really my one area of sadness here; that there's something that I need to get out that I'll miss or simply gloss over.

My new wife of one week and two days (Married just March 12th, 2011) is a joy to me, and I spend more time laughing and trading ideas with her than any friend before. As a result, my list of blog ideas runs longer and longer, waiting and aching for a day when I can finally use them all. I just hope that my cryptic notes are still understandable when I get back to them.

In addition to all that "stuff,: I've had requests. Requests which seem simple, but still take some work. These things are coming:

  • my carnitas recipe (for the carnitas served at the wedding reception)
  • my cheesecake recipe (the top two tiers of which were delicious...)
  • wedding pictures (must remember my external harddrive today!)

In addition, Galya and I stayed at an amazing little desert inn/bed and breakfast that was just beautiful, serene, and relaxing.

Full review of Hacienda Hot Springs Inn to follow (probably), but you can see a bit of it at Gal's place.

Off to work!


  1. Beautiful woman! Great place! Wonderful moments! Happy that you are happy!

  2. Wow, a big congratulations to you both!


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