Wednesday, May 4, 2011

un-thought out thoughts

1.  Gluten-free boxed cookies really are just as good bad tasting as gluteny boxed cookies!

2.  If you say "My husband is from _____," people assume the said husband is still around. Don't be surprised when someone says "tell your husband hello," because we don't know he's dead.

3.  How did the transition from good cookies to boxed cookies come about? 100 years ago, a Chips Ahoy would have been laughed out of the house. How is it that they are acceptable?

Looks can be deceiving... This cookie more than just sucks

4.  If you work at Starbucks and hear "A tall decaf with room for milk, please," think about it before you ask "a decaf what?" Decaf coffee.

5.  This is disgusting.


  1. At least I was the one that said: ''Say hello to your Bulgarian husband!''

  2. i second everything you said, and triple on the bear-ass commercial1


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