Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Catching up

on sleep!

I've been feeling tired and sluggish, lately. My urge (wish) is that it was too much training and not enough food, but when I look at my volume and intensity, plus the amount of dishes that I'm washing, I think not.

The harsh reality is that I was not sleeping enough.

At least I'm not alone!

That's harder to fix, even though it's the simple one. Most of us don't want to go to bed early. There are movies or tv to watch, facebook, girls on Skype that are 6,000 miles away in a timezone that's ten hours ahead, or that genius screenplay that your working on. ;)

When we do go to bed early, do we get up earlier to watch the DVR, check facebook, or work on that genius screenplay? Bad. That's not the fix.

Naps? When you're undersleeping at night, a nap's not going to fix that shit. It just helps you survive the day.

Having now spent the last 4-5 nights sleeping the right amounts, I'm feeling good again, despite the training volume. Yesterday, I was far more productive, even with less time awake. Amazing.

You should try it. What if you're so much more productive with less time awake that you actually get more accomplished? It will probably be better quality, too.

There's tons on the net about sleep, but if you're trying to lose fat, here's some info that shows that in addition to feeling better all around, more sleep will get you to your fat loss results faster and easier.

All About Sleep

Have a good day (and a good night's sleep)!

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