Saturday, October 15, 2011

Training update, one week out

One Hour Long Cycle

I'm nervous about next Saturday because my hands are hurting.

It was my own fault. I didn't follow my #1 rule of training.
Training is preparation for the event, not an event in and of itself.
Of course, there's also rule #2.
Don't get hurt in training and suffer in the event.
I was working on completing 40 minutes straight, and between the sweat on my hands and bad form, I ended up tearing the skin on my pinky finger. Even weeks later, it hasn't recovered. To compensate for this, my form has changed, and that's caused calluses to form in bad places. What can you do?

My 2011 OHLC Goal of using my new 24kg kettlebell has been ditched, and I'm going with last year's weight of 20kg. Last year I did 6 reps per minute until I just couldn't keep it up (50 something minutes in). I dropped down to 4rpm, then "sprinted" at the end. I lost count, but again, what can you do? I think it was about 340 reps.

I'll be happy to finish again, this year. I plan to finish. I will finish.

Since last week, I've dropped all kettlebell work with "drops," so that means Cleans, Snatches, and actual Long Cycle have to wait until after next Saturday's event. I will continue to do my conditioning work, including complexes of swings and jerks for very long durations (50 minutes, earlier this week), but I can't risk the hands this close to the 22nd. Roland is sad.

The bulk

On a positive note, I've finally reached 200lbs again. I will continue to eat up for another week or two, then decide whether to maintain a while, or lean out just a bit. I have put on a little fat, but really not much.

I dragged out my rusty dumbbell so I don't have to rely on the gym for a while. I can concentrate on what I need to do right now, and regroup on a new program after next weekend.

The Garage Trifecta Circuit

  • One Arm Dumbbell Floor Press, one 75lb, 3x5 - each side
  • Pullups, 3x5 - fingertip on beam, chest to the beam
  • KB Front Squats, two 24kg, 3x5

My chalk trail from the Waiter's Walks
Indoor/Outdoor Circuit

  • KB RDLs, two 24kg, 3x20
  • KB Waiter's Walk, one 24kg, 3 walks of 50meters - each side
  • TRX Rows, 11, 10, 9
  • KB Pushups, 20, 18, 15 - nothing special about the kettlebell part, but pushups on the handles give you a deeper bottom position and more stretch


...and in conclusion

The past few months, I've been trying to train hard. I don't train too much, but when I do, I try to be smart and really put my all into it.

Hold your monitor up to a mirror to read my shirt
I'm stronger, bigger, and leaner than I have been in years. I now have to learn to pull back before getting hurt. I hate learning...

Roland is happy.

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