Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christmas is all around us

I hope everyone enjoys the Christmas season. I do.

I really like Christmas movies, but I typically dislike Christmas music. One of my favorite Christmas movies for adults is Love Actually, which contains my favorite Christmas song. It's a parody, which I hate, but it's a parody only because it's so over the top and "serious" in the movie. If it existed in the real world, it would be lame, yet here it is, the opposite of lame.

It's a similar phenomenon to Spinal Tap. Once I was driving with a friend and on our local rock station, a Tap song came on. "This song is so &%$@! stupid!," he said. I had to explain the Spinal Tap concept, after which he calmed down, but still failed to appreciate it without having seen the movie. The next song came on, and a few minutes into it he was shaking his head in disgust once again. "I don't think I want to see this movie." I quickly changed the station, but there was really nothing I could say to this song's defense; it had been Blue Oyster Cult.

Back to Christmas... Here's the low quality, too quiet version of Billy Mack's music video. Seen here and there throughout the movie.

If you want hi-quality music, try this one.

Here's the "making of" segment..., which I can't embed.

I think I'll watch it again, tonight.

If you haven't seen it. I recommend it. It's only $7.99 on Amazon, so toss it in alongside your other holiday purchases and bump yourself up to that $25 for Super Saver Shipping. You'll probably watch it every year.

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