Saturday, November 19, 2011

tomato paste is a fine vegetable, and really adds some flavor to pizza!

I eat it almost every day. You know what it is? It's cooked tomatoes.

When you exaggerate the news for a headline, you lose credibility.

No one ruled that "pizza is a vegetable," and if they had it would have been years ago. The ruling was that TOMATO PASTE could STILL be considered a vegetable. Still.

not a pizza
By the way, two tablespoons of tomato paste contains 28 calories, or the equivalent of a cup of cherry tomatoes, one large tomato, or two roma tomatoes . This is probably more vegetables than most kids eat at dinner.

Yes, the ruling does benefit the pizza industry, because their product does contain vegetable, according to the ruling. I do not want my kids relying on pizza (which even my kids say is crappy pizza) for lunch, but try to get hold of yourselves. You're [collectively] in a frenzy.

If you want to do something about it, 1st get the facts, not the headlines. Have you ever tried to do anything with the government and not had the right form, missed a checkbox, or stood in the wrong line at the DMV? You start over. At the end of the line...

Do you think Congress is going to hear your crap about pizza being a vegetable? They know it's not. And because you're just wrong and ill informed, they will ignore you.

They also don't care that a tomato is a fruit, so stop bringing that up Mr. Clever. So is an eggplant! Try making a pie out of one of those for Thanksgiving!

You obviously don't know what to do about the state of school lunches, the USDA, Congress, and that stupid myplate, and neither do I.

Jamie Oliver, the mussed up hair chef from the UK seems to have some ideas that, while not perfect, are better than our government's. He seems to have a head of steam, too. Let's start with him. Check out Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution and see what you can do to help. Start by signing the online petition, like our own American celebrity Kim Kardashian has!

It's not limited to celebrities, either. Look, Nathan from Kansas is with us, as is Jessica from North Carolina! Way to go Nathan and Jess! We're with you. We're with you.

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