Monday, April 30, 2012

The Gallery of Unusual Fruit #9 -- Farm Food Freedom Coalition Edition

I found these on the facebook page of The Farm Food Freedom Coalition, which was "formed by consumers in response to government interference regarding food choices and access. Our mission is to inspire, empower and facilitate consumers into action until everyone can procure the foods of their choice from the producers of their choice."

I'm not really an activist, but when I read the stories of independent small farmers and food producers being shut down, arrested, put out of business, and bankrupted, often via mere technicalities, it breaks my heart. There's a ton of politics in this stuff, and the big money to "encourage" the government to do this comes from the big agriculture organizations, seed producers, and chemical companies. Is it really your best interest that these groups have at hear? I wonder.

Support your local farmer, farmers market, and pretty much any avenue of food production that's not the conventional channel, whenever possible.

One last note... my Gallery of Unusual Fruits only exists because of the farmer's market, backyard farmer, and the 99 Cent Store, all of which are more than willing the sell the fruit and vegetables that don't conform to the standards of beauty demanded by the mass market supermarket chains.

Do you sometimes find unusual fruit or vegetables? Take a picture of it and send it my way. I'd love to put it out there with your name on it!



  1. Aw...who knew that vegetables were so romantic?

  2. Hi. I picked up your website from Jimmy Moore's New Paleo, Low-Carb & Health Blogs list for May 2012. I run a low carb/paleo blog and want to welcome you to the neighborhood! Jimmy has been a great help to me and if I can help you, just let me know. I run a news channel on my site (see below), so if you have some low carb or paleo news you'd like me to consider, please let me know at my email address: Joe at
    Put "news" someplace in your email title so I won't miss it, please! My main site is and the news channel is
    Thanks and hope to hear from you...
    ...Joe Lindley...

  3. Hi, Joe! Thanks for stopping by AND for the heads up on Jimmy's list! I had no idea, and I'm flattered. I shot you an email, too!

    Debby, most of the veggies that need to "get a room" don't even make it onto the blog. ;)



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