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Man on Top book update – master of your domain

Dear friends,

How are you? I am fine.

As many of you know, Galya and I have been working furiously on our book for quite some time. We are extremely proud, excited, and nervous to be on the verge of publishing it; nervous to the point that my hand was shaking as I forced myself to finally click "send" to get it off to our pre-readers. Talk about scary!

Thankfully, our pre-readers have been generous with their praise, [seemingly] honest in their critiques, but loving enough to actually call us out on the bloopers, typos, grammar mistakes, and outright blunders in the book. I couldn't ask for a better group of critics and editors, but I'll be honest and tell you that I said a little prayer before opening each email back or before answering their phone calls. I said this was scary, right?

Well, now that all the comments, corrections, and critiques have been gathered up and processed, it's just come down to some design and formatting work, the reshooting of a few exercise photos, and then my hand will be finally shaking as my finger hovers over the "publish" button. Now that's really going to be scary!

The publishing date is not yet decided, but we're getting close. Like close close. In fact, if you want to be one of the first to hear the news, just fill out the little form up in the right margin or down at the bottom of this very post!

Um, Man on Top?
Meanwhile, we've gotten a few comments about the title; "Man on Top." What's up with the title? What's this book about? 

Here's a bit from the introduction, and I think it will clear up the the title for those of you with your mind in the gutter. Jeez, it's not like we picked a suggestive title just to be suggestive... ;)


What’s my inspiration to write this book? The 30,000 foot answer is that I feel like I can help you. If you’re reading this, it’s very likely that you’re overweight and out of shape. Well, that was me for most of my life. I’ve been there, lived there, and finally got out of there, just a few years ago. I’d never been a man on top of anything.

My journey out of “there” began in earnest about 10 years ago, and while I have done a lot of looking back, for the most part it was to take note of how I did it and to wonder why I hadn’t done it earlier. For the first time in my life, I feel “on top.” Why did I wait so long?

Man on top

Yeah, don’t think I’m something I’m not, or worse, don’t think that I think I’m something I’m not. I’m not really the alpha male type, so I’m not "on top" like that. I’m not a business leader, infomercial salesman, or cult leader, either. I’m not even the type of husband to proclaim “I’m in charge!” (although I am when she lets me). No, my version of being on top is being on top of things; taking charge of my own life and health as high level goals, down to the specifics on exercise and diet to support those goals.

This book is to inspire you, the reader, to get lean, slim, ripped, jacked, buff, tight, huge, or even (if it’s your thing) healthy. It’s to teach you a thing or two about yourself, while keeping you sane, happy, and healthy – all the while, keeping your family and friends sane and happy. That way, they’ll be happy for you and all will be right with the world.

This book was written to build or rebuild confidence, as only a man confident in his abilities to change will enact lasting change. This book is to put you on top, whether it’s on top again, or on top for the first time.

So, that's the gist on the name.

By the way, I meant what I said in paragraph two, up there; the goal is to keep the reader sane, happy, and healthy, but it's also to get or keep family and friends on the reader's side, as one of the biggest obstacles to lasting weight loss is lack of social support. It's not that they don't love you, but when it's hard on them, it becomes hard on you, and that's all it takes to ditch it all and go back to old ways.

How do we keep the reader and family simultaneously sane? By only changing what's really necessary, and only when it's time. Diets that ask the dieter to change their world are also asking the dieter to change their family's world; if the wife and kids are already slim and trim, they don't need to change, now do they?

Master of your domain
Be the master of your domain, control what you can control, and manage the rest – these three simple phrases give a man the power to make his own lifestyle changes without taking the family unit down in flames.

Be master of your domain - Every man has some lone wolf inside of him, even when surrounded by cubs and his b... er, mate. You're the alpha male of your own little pack, after all. Most of you find your own food for breakfast, then it's off to work. At work, there's lunch, and that's all you, brutha; your domain! Man on Top will teach you to master these moments, and mastering your domain is critical to your success, and it's really not hard.

Control what you can control - There will always be situations where choice is taken from you ("Happy Father's Day, Daddy! Here's breakfast in bed."). You will learn how to enjoy them, get back on track, and not let them kill your weight loss momentum. It's not hard, when you know the little tricks.

Manage the rest - It's not worth micromanaging your whole day. You've mastered breakfast and lunch and learned to control most of what pops up unexpectedly and get right back on track. No guilt and no second guessing yourself, because that's just not manly.

News updates
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Thanks for reading!


P.S. Remember, that to be a man on top, you really need the support of your spouse, girlfriend, family, and friends. 

I just wanted to post this pic of gal and me that I found when I was looking around

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