Friday, December 27, 2013

In defense of Love Actually

Many of my friends and family LOVE Love Actually. Many of you know that it's a movie that I watch year after year; it's even on my list of favorite Christmas movies and favorite Romance movies.

Billy Mernit gets it
This Love Actually Season, the detractors (movie reviewers more talented than I) came out of the woodwork to try to knock it down, but they just don't get it.

Others DO get it.

Me, I want to love. I look for it. Seek it out. I sought it out, and found it. I want all aspects of it, even the pain of lost love (insert cliche, cliche, blah, blah, blah). What about the pain or angst of a love you think you can't have? it's terrible and good at the same time.

I saw Love Actually, alone. Twice. In the theatre. Plus, countless times on DVD, Netflix, and even on TV whenever it's on. I LOVE it.

Are there movies that show love in it's true light? I don't know, but would it be boring?

Love at first site does exist. Some men DO fall in love with the pretty girl because she's pretty. Men also fall in love with that girl they pretend to hate. It's because they can't have her and it fucking hurts to talk to her. And yes, even with a girl who only speaks Portuguese.

People complain about how unrealistic the loves in LA were, but they are snapshots or exaggerations of loves that many of us have been in. People complain about the Prime Minister and his girl servant. Realistic, thank you. She's pretty, speaks what she thinks, and she's pretty.

Karl and Sarah? Yeah, why didn't Karl try harder when he could see she's just caring for her sick brother? Because she's also sick, and just not sick enough to be institutionalized. Give Karl's writer a break, and good move, Karl. You couldn't win that one.

Does this all paint men in a bad light? Yes, but we are men. We can do better, but we don't always rise up.

I think virtually every little love in LA was realistic (with the exception of Colin and his hot American babes) in a sense. Are they smart? Sensible? Well thought out? No, but such is life and love.

So while the Love Actually haters might be great movie reviewers, they suck at reviewing love.

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