Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Big, Small, or Somewhere In Between - #3, 2nd Date

or The Greatest Moments In My Life

I like to spend time recollecting. That's mostly a euphemism for zoning out, but sometimes good memories come back.

Really, I spend a lot of that time thinking about some of the great times I've had. There have been some really good ones, some great ones, and some nice little moments.

A Passion for... cooking?

I've always had good second dates (My problem is date #1, right?). It was good for the girl, too, or so the girls have told me.

The key is to do some cooking.

I don't know how well it will work, going forward, but when I was 20-25, it was quite impressive to be the guy that cooked.

I have quite a book of recipes that I've come up with. When I look back through them, the best ones were always ones perfected with a girl in mind. Not "Rhonda inspires the flavors of this meatloaf" type of "in mind." But, when I'm planning the meal, planning the dishes, and cooking, the passion to impress drives the level up a notch or two. These dishes stand up, I think, even today.

I love to be creative, but I'm best under pressure. I do my homework at the last minute, I cook best when I'm inspired and have to shine, and I decorate best when I know someone's coming over.

Is this a cry for help? A sign of low self esteem to seek approval for the "perfect" meal or setting? Yes. But, I do need the help, and I'll gladly accept it. Just finish your dinner first, babe.

2nd Date

On the first date, the girl asked me when I was going to cook dinner for her. She seemed skeptical. Lots of guys claim to be able to cook (She'd eaten that food before, too).

"What do you want me to make?"


"How about Saturday?"

"Um... Really?"

"Of course."

(First Date Over)

I planned it out. 2nd date. Dinner. White chicken salad and peanut sauce. Tea. Paper wrapped chicken with mushrooms. Fruit. Wine.

But, my table was all wrong. I needed one of those low tables. Asian inspired. I already had some floor pillows.

So, on Saturday morning, I sold my wrong table to my neighbor (he had no furniture) for $30 and some pillar candles. I used the money to buy wood to make a new table.

Finger foods, chopstick lessons, a low table with pillows, candles, wine, and a third date.

I need to write all this down, in case of another first date...


  1. Being passionate about cooking isn't a cry for help. It's a commitment into putting time and effort into something (possibly the only thing that you CAN put that sort of time and effort into without being a stalker or freak) specifically to make another person happy. You're creating pleasure. If the other person doesn't like it, it's like premature ejaculation...great intentions, you're likely never to get the shot to fuck it up again.

    Good job with the coffee chick.

  2. I suppose you're right... Interesting comparison... Thanks?

    By the way, one risk of posting at 1am is thinking that what I write is obvious or clever. When it isn't.

    The coffee chick is real, but the way I had written the last line made it seem like we were going to go out. Not so. Oops.

    I edited it so I don't look like an idiot. Now you do, I suppose. But, it's subtle... ;)

  3. you like being god don't you?!

  4. Good riddance to the writer's block!


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