Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Tuesday Throwaways

Weigh Cool Tip

Three high schoolers are in the locker room. I see them all the time. They go up to the scale, take off their shoes and weigh themselves.

An older guy, maybe 25 or so, sees these guys and says "weigh yourselves with shoes and without, then you don't have to keep taking off your shoes."

"You mean every time?"

"No, just once."

Blank stares.

"That way you know how much the shoes weigh. Take it off your weight," older guy says.

Blank stares. Nods. "Cool."

Older guy leaves and the boys start rolling their eyes and mocking the guy.

"Who the fuck wants to know how much their shoes weigh?" + "What are they going be different every time?" + "Moron."


Zorries, Shades, and Mesh Shirts

I saw them all, tonight.

  • The staff gets ticked if you try to deadlift barefoot, but flip flops are cool?
  • Why would you wear sunglasses in the gym? You're that awesome, huh?
  • And, why do mesh shirts even exist?

Born Free

A girl at the coffee house is around 20 years old. She's behind the counter, singing "Born Free." It was cute.

Born free
As free as the wind blows.
As free as the grass grows.
Born free to follow your heart

Of course, she didn't even know there was a movie. Too young. How does she know the song?


  1. Great anecodtes. The teenagers had me rolling.

  2. Great stories! The teenagers had me rolling.


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