Monday, February 20, 2006

1st post

Feels a bit stupid, having a blog. It's mostly for me. Sort of a journal.

As much as I like the idea of having a paper journal, it's impractical. I buy them, then carry them around, finally putting them on a shelf, never to be used. I don't know what to write, for one. Putting words on paper seems be require some important words. I don't have those, so I never start. This seems different.

Plus, I tend to be long winded on my web forum posts. Often, it's something that I want to say, not necessarily what anyone wants to read. No better place than this, huh?

Ok. 1st post done and out of the way. It can only go on from here.


  1. Just un petit bonjour,

    welcome to blogging.. I had a blog for a while 2 years ago.. but didn't have the perseverence to keep it up.

    Long life to yours, you have a good start :)

  2. Mary,

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Hopefully, I'll be able to keep this up. It's been like therapy, so far.

    Take care,



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