Monday, February 20, 2006

The romance of bad food

Not food that tastes bad. Food that's bad for you. I won't even go into the "why the food is bad for you" thing. If you don't know that so much of what we eat is bad for us, then have another bite.

Every day, I drive by all sorts of places that I long to go into, despite the fact that the food would be bad for me. Food that I've virtually given up eating. These places are mostly bakeries or cafe's. Not the big cake and cookie style bakery. Those I can easily pass by. I'm talking about the ones with nice looking little tables in the sun. They look like the cafes and bakeries that I imagine I'd find on a trip to Europe. They serve little cups of coffee in actual, solid cups, rather than paper or foam. On the plates are little slices of cake or pasty and maybe some fruit. These places are hard to pass by. But, I do...

One day, I'll go in. I plan to go there. Or, should I say I have planned to go there, many times. I've even saved my calories for a little splurge, yet something's always stopped me.

The one that temps me the most is called "Black Forest Bakery." I'll bet they even have "German Chocolate Cake," the likes of which doesn't actually exist in Germany. But, I've been to the Black Forest once. I had some cake and coffee there, too. It is a fine memory. Sitting in the sun in some village, who's name escapes me, having a treat and coffee with my dad and sister. I remember that the cake was small and so was the cup of coffee. That didn't matter. It was good. Quality. What if this cafe, down the road here, has huge slices of cake and a big cup of coffee, instead? Will my memory of my visit to Germany be ruined or made better? Best to keep driving.

There's so much to say on the subject that I just don't know where to begin or end. I can ramble more, but sometimes it's better just to point the stuff out. So, here it is: By and large, people in the world are satisfied with a little slice of cake and a small cup of coffee, enjoyed slowly, sitting in the sun, with family or friends. I want that. I don't know if I can have that again.

I've never been to Italy. If I see an Italian Cafe, I'll pull over.

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