Saturday, March 4, 2006

Great Moments in Dating

There are moments in dating that are big events, in and of themselves.

No matter how small, these things are big.

1. Yesterday's subject: The "Say Anything" Moment. Just typing the phrase, makes me take pause...

2. That phone call. You're one of those people who doesn't like to talk on the phone. You screen calls. You cringe when it rings. You like all the people that are calling. You just don't want to talk on the phone.

One day or night, you have a conversation. The one about everything and about nothing, then back to everything. It lasts for hours. Both of you are yawning and looking at the clock in amazement. 2 hours. 4 hours. A phone call's never lasted this long. More yawning. A brief discussion about hanging up because work is now only 4 hours away and you're both running out of time to sleep. But, you hang on longer and don't hang up.The call can't be repeated, so don't try. Just remember it.

3. That perfect date at Disneyland (or whatever counts as your local "happiest place on Earth") that just flows. Somehow, you're funny all day. You don't ever have a long, uncomfortable silence. You find that long lines aren't always all that bad. You discover that "It's A Small World" is kinda "ok" when you almost dare each other to even go on it. And, finally, nothing ever comes up in conversation that makes either of you cringe. Another trip, anywhere, will never be this good.

Save your snapshots, buy plenty of souveniers, including that picture coming down the log ride, and relish the memory. Think about how watching the fireworks that night was nothing short of magical. How the walk back to the car wasn't all that bad. A full day at the amusement park and, somehow, your feet don't hurt. Then even though you're exhausted and possibly more tired than you've ever been before, you have no trouble staying awake for the drive home.

I've had a couple of each of these events: 2 "Say Anything" Moments, 2 of those great phone calls, and 1 day at Disneyland. I'm hoping for more... But, I also hope to add a number 4. A moment that's new and unique. I wonder what it will be.

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