Friday, March 3, 2006

"Say Anything" Moments

"Say Anything" is a great movie. It's a chick flick, but with enough guy stuff to keep me going.

Who am I kidding? I love chick flicks.

I think many guys will relate to this. I don't know if girls will really feel the same about this moment in the movie. There's a scene in the movie where Lloyd comes over to pick up Diane for a date. He's already in love with her. Who wouldn't be? He waits near the door, uncomfortably, with Diane's father for a minute. Then Diane appears on in the kitchen. White dress. Beautiful.

I think every guy in the theatre just stared in awe. Jaws dropped down. Stunned into momentary silence. Father forgotten. Just like Lloyd there, on the screen...

Why, exactly? There was no single element that did it. Ione Skye is very good looking thoughout the movie. The dress is very nice, too. I've seen a lot of kitchens. But, when she appears, THAT good looking, out of nowhere, it's a moment. A big moment. A moment that can only occur on film. So, you'd think...

When I saw that movie, I'd never even had a girlfriend, much less had a moment like the one that Lloyd had. But, it was something to wish for.

I did get that wish on my wedding day. I'd never seen my wife like that before. When she came down the stairs of the church and appeared in that dress, truly glowing, I was in awe. Obviously, I won't forget my wedding day, but, in particular, I won't forget that one moment. That type of moment is rare and unforgettable. I know how Lloyd felt.

What made me think of this subject? This moment? I had another one. Yesterday.

Unfortunately, although I've seen her a lot, I don't even know her. I don't know if she'd ever seen me before, but she has now. I was in such awe at her surprise entrance that I got caught with my jaw down... She may have heard it snap closed, in fact.

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  1. Wow. How every girl would wish to be the one you described.


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