Monday, March 13, 2006

Lost My Keys!

Over at my favorite forum,, I'm locked out. Something happened to my account that keeping me from posting messages. I can read all I want, but no replying.

It's a little strange. You'd think it trivial; how important can it be to someone to post on a fitness forum? It's not MY site or My business, after all. I'm just a member. But, it feels important. I've made a lot of friends there.

It used to seem strange to have "internet friends," but not so much anymore. I used to talk to my corporeal friends about my ethereal friends and just not mention that they were "on the internet." They were just my friends. Now, it's no big deal to let them in on it. They have friends on the web, too.

Now that I can't communicate with my friends, I'm feeling a little alone. I can see them (well, their posts, anyway). They can't see me. I can read the threads all I want, but make no replies.

It's like there's a loud party going on, but the door's locked. I can't get in. I can see them all having the time of their lives, but they DON'T LOOK AT THE WINDOW! I knock and knock, but the music's too loud.

I have one method of communication: Private messaging. But, this is like Patrick Swayze using Whoopie to pass along info to Demi. Not the same.

Luckily, I'm not dead, odds are my account will be fixed by morning and I'll be back, in full swing.

I don't know how to end this, really. But that's why it's a blog and not a column in a newspaper. Because it's really only interesting to me... Here, they can just end. Like this.


  1. Hey LD - still locked out?

    The one armed poet cracks me up.... Have you ever read any of Mcgonagall's poetry - I think he had both arms and legs, but he managed to distinguish himself by the 'quality' of his poetry!

  2. Yep. Still can't post over there.

    Thanks for checkin' in here.

    I've never read Mcgonagall. Don't read much poety, to be honest. I googled him. He seemed serious.


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