Friday, July 14, 2006

Low Carb Sucks

When you write down your goal, you're more likely to stick to it. When you broadcast your goal, you're more likely to stick to it. This is the theory. That is why I write this. So, I'll actually do it.

I'm tired of the flabbiness about my middle. I realize that I've come a long, long way, but I'm tired of not being "done." Time to be able to bend over and not have that loose belly fat slop over the top of my shorts. Yeah. Not that bad, really. But, still. Tired of it.

Over the past week, I've slowly lowered my carbs. I'm going to eat low carb and fairly high fat, lift heavy (for me), and drop some dead weight.

The low carb, low energy effect has set in. My friends who've done this say that I should get some energy back after a week or so. Looking forward to that. I'll be patient.

I started last week at 192lbs and 16% body fat. Perhaps 17% (stupid Tanita scale!), but I don't want to cheat to show more progress that I make. So, I'll start with 16% as the official number.

Already, one week in, I'm 187lbs and still 16% (stupid Tanita scale!). 5 lbs of water weight, I'm sure. The real losing starts now.

My goal is abs. I'm not sure what percentage that will be. I've been as low as 12% (stupid Tanita scale). The thing is that I look leaner today at 16% than I did at 12%, then. Same scale and I was only 10lbs lighter.

I've gotten pretty good at maintaining weight and even gaining muscle without much fat. But, I'd like a running head start for the next bulk, by starting with the fat already low.

Time to go to the gym, so I'll stop rambling.

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