Tuesday, August 22, 2006

At night, the wolves come...

I sure hope not!

I needed a break, so I kept my campsite one more night, sans kids.

Just me and the campfire and one great cigar. A Punch Champion perfecto. Small, but fat, with pointed ends. Strong, but smooth. Very good cigar.

Stars are out. Bats and owls aplenty. It's going to be a shame to break camp in the morning. Assuming nothing eats me, of course. Gotta watch them badgers!

Good night,


Morning update:

Still here. No wolves. A woodpecker pecked all night, but that kinda stuff doesn't keep me up.

Woke up to a swarm of ants in the tent. That's nice. How do you pack up a tent full of ants? They were after my son's s'more smeared shirt, hidden in a corner. I emptied the tent and left for work. I'll go back at the end of the day, hoping that the ants bailed out of there, since there's nothing for them, anymore.

Afternoon update:

Came back and found all the ants gone. Whew! Rolled and packed and outta there.

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